Edmonton CONA Chapter

Message from our President

It is my pleasure to be the CONA Local President for Edmonton 2019-2020.  I am really looking forward to connecting and working with our fellow orthopedic healthcare professionals.

For the upcoming year I would really like to focus on our vision statement in engaging our orthopedic professionals to excel and how we can best facilitate that.  How can we best provide that?

I do believe that all of us are always interested in expanding our knowledge and CONA with its members have so much to if to offer.  This learning is not a one way street however, new members have so much to bring to the group in keeping us connected with advances, changes and challenges going on in our region. 

CONA Edmonton is very willing to engage with you, to hear new ideas and provide support towards orthopedic excellence.  I would love for you to make contact with myself or any CONA member if this sparks your interest.

Now for the bit about me.  I graduated from the University of Alberta BScNursing program in 1994 and headed south to Texas to work for 4 years where my exposure to geriatrics and then orthopedics started.  I returned in 1998 to work in surgical float pool at the UAH on 9 different units, with 3-4 orthopedic specific.  In 2005 I became the CNE for Ortho and successfully wrote the Orthopedic Certification exam.  This would be the time I started becoming involved in CONA.  What a great choice!  To be honest, I became a member to get the job but soon found what a treasure trove it was.  It gave me access to support and experience I didn’t know I needed.  I got to collaborate and build relationships with so many amazing nurses!  For the last 11 years I have worked at the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre as a Case Manager and continued my involvement with CONA primarily on the Program Committee, then Funding and now it’s my turn to take the Lead.  Best of all, those relationships have turned also into friendships.

Although my ortho knowledge continues to grow I realize my exposure to other areas of orthopedics is limited to my workplace.  This is where you and CONA come in!  The fact is we really need each-other to ‘be the best we can be’.  I also want to clarify…you don’t need to in orthopedics to join us.  Ortho is everywhere in healthcare and our personal lives. 

From deep in our bones, we invite you and welcome you!!  See you soon.

Christine Toews RN, BScN, ONC(C)
CONA Edmonton - President 2019 - 2020




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