CONA National Conference



 CONA - COA Conference 2024             

Halifax, Nova Scotia

June 12-15, 2024

CONA National Conference day is June 12, 2024 with the COA conference following.

PLEASE post and share the UPDATED CONA National SAVE THE DATE poster for Conference 2024
You can also Print and share the COA  SAVE THE DATE poster from the COA for Conference 2024
CONA National Conference page has some links for hotels and will be updated as information becomes available.

Registration for the CONA National Conference with COA is now open!


Orthopaedic Certification

Are you interested in becoming recognized for your knowledge in Orthopaedics? The CNA Orthopaedic Specialty Exam was retired in 2019.

Nurses looking to be recognized for their expertise in orthopaedic knowledge may write the ONC Exam. Eligibility criteria and application information can be found on the ONCB website, and on the Continuing Education/Awards page of our members-only site.

CONA is pleased to offer free resources for nurses interested in enhancing their orthopaedic knowledge:

CONA Orthopaedic Review

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