CONA National Conference 2024

CONA National Conference 2024


COA Conference

June 12 - 15, 2024

Halifax, Nova Scotia


CONA is pleased to partner with COA again for National Conference!
The conference will be held at the Halifax Convention Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
CONA will be arranging one day on June 12, 2024 for you. You will then be able to attend the COA conference from Wednesday evening June 12 to Saturday June 15, 2024.
All meeting days are covered by the registration fee. There are some optional COA events that you can register for if interested.
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A tentative program from the COA available here.

Tentative CONA Day agenda for the CONA Conference day June 12, 2024


Registration: - is now open for the CONA /COA Conference thru CONA. You can register for the CONA day and for the COA conference at the same time. This link will take you to the registration page

Refund Policy: All requests for a refund MUST be submitted to CONA National before midnight May 28, 2024. A $50.00 administration / processing fee will be applied.


A block of hotels have been set aside for the conference. You do have a choice of where you would like to stay.

For more information and rates please check out the COA website for the hotels.

Rates for the hotels are NOT guaranteed after the date specifed with each hotel in May. Don't wait to late to book your room!

The Sutton Place Hotel

      Distance to Convention Centre: Across the plaza

     Rate starting at $295/night

     Cutoff date: May 11, 2024

The Prince George Hotel

     Distance to Convention Centre: 250m

     Rate starting at $249/night

     Cutoff date: May 9, 2024

The Cambridge Suites Hotel

     Distance to Convention Centre: 290m

     Rate starting at $229/night  - Breakfast included

     Cutoff date: May 9, 2024

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel

     Distance to Convention Centre: 450m

     Rate starting at $249/night

     Cutoff date: May 10, 2024



Meet & Greet  - June 12, 2024  (1830 - 2130h)

-included for Conference attendees
           - $25.00 per guest


     The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse


Welcome to The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse – the Celtic Heart of the Maritime’s! Since our beginnings in Halifax in 2000, we have grown to include four unique local locations throughout the Maritime’s. We are proud to have you join us in Halifax to experience the three key elements for a memorable occasion; Food for the Body, Drink for the Spirit and Music for the Soul.


Should you have any questions please email  ( ) and we will try to answer. Some questions and concerns may need to be redirected to the COA though as majority of the organizing etc is being done thru COA. CONA is organizing the 1 day only.